Behind the Scenes

Julie Hancock-House

Julie Hancock-House

by Job Abraria

Young leaders in Central Illinois are often over looked.

These amazing women have a voice, goals and accomplishments that should be recognized. The most important attribute of the upcoming women leaders in the Peoria Area is that recognition is not what they are seeking. Many are simply hoping for nothing more than advancements in their programs, charity work, and career; however a little gratitude and appreciation can make these distinguished driven young ladies more likely to keep giving it their all.


Our first choice on whom to recognize was not a simple one, as there are so many putting love, energy and time into what they do. The recent success of the 2013 St. Jude Dream Home built by Dean Custom Builders brought us to Julie Hancock-House. Julie has volunteered endless hours to help on a variety of projects benefiting the kids of St. Jude children’s Research Hospital for many years. She also has shined in the volunteer world of the The Central Illinois Chapter on Alzheimer’s Association, The Make a Wish Foundation, Crittention Crisis Nursery, all while working a successful career in marketing for Columbia Rug, Bob Kelch Floors and numerous other companies. Julie’s marketing campaign, “My Dream”, started with an idea to really find out why so many subcontractors were giving so much during a struggling economy. The “My Dream” campaign was picked up instantly by St. Jude and they quickly took it nationwide to Dream Home Builders across the country. The 2013 Dream Home was the 1st time in 7 years the Dream Home was a sell-out…and not just a sell-out but went thousands above goal.

When Julie was asked what her greatest accomplishment was, her demeanor turned into a sincere smile with a happy sigh; “Do I have to pick just one?” After a few moments of thought her answer was honest and refreshing. “My greatest accomplishment was having the honor of seeing my 9 year old niece hand over $450.00 to the late Mr. Jim Maloof from Lemonade stands she had put on all summer to raise money for St. Jude Rides. That was a feeling of pride I will never forget. I can only imagine what amazing things that little girls is going to do for the world”.
While Mrs. Hancock-House may be modest and stumble over the words to describe her success, there were so many who had the pleasure of working with her that did have any trouble finding the words to describe her tremendous efforts.

“Julie is a modern day rock star. She has been instrumental in working on the 2013 Peoria St. Jude Dream Home. Her leadership has ensured that the most funds possible have been raised go to directly to helping the treatment and research children receive at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, raising over $600,000.” –Matthew O’Shea Senior Marketing Representative

“Julie has a knack for finding a needle in a haystack. Without being involved with our charity she took it upon herself to find a simple way to assist in the Fill The Crib Project that has resulted in hundreds of donations. It was refreshing to see someone act on their ideas and use it to help the community.” –Jennifer Simmons Crittention Center Volunteer and Special Events Coordinator

In conclusion, it is obvious that Julie Hancock of the Central Illinois Area is the future of so many charities and organizations are looking bright. With the next generations of leaders giving their time and heart in the same way as Julie it looks as if the Greater Peoria Area will truly be a brighter place and one we should all be happy and proud to live in.